The Silver Sanctum


I mean, let's be honest, Wyrmrest Accord is full of sensational RP Guilds! GMs everywhere are inventing complex storylines for members to partake in, but are they right for you? Typically characters are forced into specific roles as to not 'disrupt' the course of events that have been pre-determined. Where does this leave you? In an un-creative and un-inspired environment where those who are imaginative are controlled causing bland backstories, insufficient excitement and a lack of real character development. 

I promise to personally assist my members with their characters growth. I want everyone to feel as if what they do truly does make a difference! Have an idea for an event? Let me know! I'd be thrilled to help your story come to life.  

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A haggard man sat upon the steps which led into the dungeon, tainted hues searching for the answers his mind was unable to grasp. Why has my House fallen? He focused on the darkness below.

Was it her?

Lord Silverblood appeared void, drained from restless nights contemplating his existence and that of those around him. He had Devina now, shackled in chains below, but something was still lost. Something his mind fought desperately to perceive. It made him feel hollow inside, weak. He often pondered the words of the mystic and found himself living them in his dreams.

Candles were scattered about the once glorious manor, but not a single one was lit. Instead, the moon would light the keep.

From cracked lips Lord Silverblood would expel the words, “Dinner? ...or perhaps it would be more appropriate to start the evening with Miss Ebonvale’s trial.  Would it be considered rude to have a dead body at the dining table?” He would begin to chew at his nails, contemplating the events that would unfold.

The hour had grown late. Sala’thar led the group into the banquet hall, waving a hand, signaling them to sit. A servant would scurry to his side, “My Lord, shall we illuminate the house a bit?” Lord Silverblood snapping back, “NO! This is precisely how I want it.”

The room was overwhelmed with the pungent smell of dead roses left over from the wedding.

A single candle would light, its flame flickering. His attention redirected towards the object. “My word is law, and I said there were to be no candles lit this eve. If you are so bold, why not come forward? Why hide in the shadows like a coward?” He’d push himself to standing, his heart pounding within his chest.

A familiar voice would call back to him, “The coward lingers within the light. He calls out to his house to do his bidding for him. I’ve appeared before you numerous times, yet you deny this fact. If you’re afraid to chase after me in the darkness then allow me to light the way for you.”

A candle unlike those in Lord Silverblood’s collection would fall from above, a beautifully crafted candle now directly in front of him. “As promised, a gift to you from an old acquaintance. I believe he wishes to get back in touch. Well, what is your response?” This candle would also light, brightening the ominous room.

He peered towards the candle, narrowing his gaze, lost in thought. He knew exactly who the woman spoke of. The words would echo from deep within, “I will light the way myself.”

Lord Sala’thar would immediately begin to focus upon each and every candle, a small flame appearing as he did. A cackle would bellow from his throat, a maddening tone.  

“A mage of your status and this is what you have to show? I must say you’ve become quite pathetic. It seems you do not take our presence a serious matter. If you are to treat this so carelessly then why not make it a game? Come now, my Lord, House Silverblood awaits the master it deserves.”

He’d call back to her, “No. This is no game. Equal opponents play a game, but I am far superior to you. Witness my power, my glory before you burn.”

In this moment Lord Silverblood only saw the challenge, her. Insanity plagued his mind, madness. The observers became frightened, calling out, “Spare us!” He was blinded by rage, the pleads unnoticed. First, he’d ignite the staircase, obstructing the exit. They were trapped, as was he. Next, he went after the fine drapery, it was quick to engulf in flames.

Below Devina heard the cries of horror, smoke quickly filling her chamber. I have to get out, my Lord needs me… She twisted her wrists, the chains rattling against the cobblestone floor. The metal chafed at her skin, blood polishing the restraints so that she may ease her hands out. She choked on the fumes, fainting.

The ceiling had begun to cave in, a few members perishing in the fire. He remained fearless, sanguine.

“My dear, everyone has a darker side, it is simply part of our nature. We should not be ashamed of such, but instead learn to embrace it and harvest whatever power it may hold. Believe me, stepping into the darkness is no easy feat, but once you learn to espouse it there is truly no limit to potential. Now, see what I’ve done, my child. Come out, accept your fate.”

A large beam fell from the roof, separating him from the rest of the group. His screams could be heard over the flames, and then silence.

The others managed to escape through a nearby window, climbing down the side of the keep.

The once great house disintegrated, consumed by the flames. It illuminated the dark night, a somber tone taking over the land.

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